Movie in the park will start up a little later this year and the Farmers Market will be bringing you fresh produce and other goodies, so keep a look out for that.   

We currently have an open seat on the LBCA board,  if you are interested please contact one of our officers.  

The LBCA board will be reviewing our by-laws and mission and would love to have input from our members, some ideas would be how to refine our focus and help business grow and excel in our town.  Please feel free to come to our meetings or email us with your thoughts and or ideas.

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Information on Farmer's Market, Springtime Festival, Winterfest Celebration, and more!


Directory listings, business-oriented presentations, discounts, and a community that wants you to succeed!

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The LBCA is dedicated to promoting commerce within the Laingsburg area, not only for our members, but for all businesses, and to improving the community as a whole making it a better place to work and live.

Spring time festival is coming up, are you ready to enjoy the rides?  This happens the week after mothers day, May 12-15 are the dates.  


Support your local business owners in the Laingsburg area.

Laingsburg Business and Community Association